Japanese Language

This page will have my notes and reference material as I study the Japanese language. If you have other suggestions, please feel free to let me know.


A nice flash study program that I used initially to study Kana.

My Tips

  • I suggest studying Hiragana first. No particular reason as that is what I started with.
  • Learning both Hiragana and Katakana are important. I don’t think one is more “needed” than the other.
  • I used the iKnow feature. Didn’t use the Drill Beta which is supposedly a different way of teaching. Feel free to try the other method if you like.
  • I suggest NOT previewing the items before the lesson as you will just think about them as you do the lesson.
  • I suggest also NOT looking at the chart in the left during the lesson. As it tells you which one you are on which is like a “hint”.
  • I suggest writing (or drawing it out in the air), the characters as each item pops up. Might as well learn how to write it as you learn.
  • Don’t cheat as you will just cheat yourself.


Japanese Lesson

I only used this site for the writing lesson PDFs as I was searching for some practice lessons on how to write. Haven’t looked around the other areas.


Real Kana

A nice flash card style site so that you can practice your Kana. You can add/remove rows of consonant-vowel combinations. The only issues I have with is, you can’t add/remove individual items (as some characters I know for sure because I see them too often) and the randomization isn’t good. Would be nice for it to keep track of what characters you keep succeed and fail at so that the one you don’t know show up more often.


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