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Late Contest Wins

Forgot to post the following contest wins…

$100 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card – won from a Flintstones Vitamin – A Taste for Learning contest. It came via registered letter mail.

District 9 Blu-ray and echochrome download code – won from a Joystiq Christmas Naughty or Nice swag contest. It is good thing I didn’t win the Naughty prize as it was Godzilla (Amercian version). It came with the UPC scratched off which I understand why but really ruins the prize IMO (as I am a collector). I got it via Fedex but Fedex also charged me $13 for handling fees 🙁 which is pretty much made me wish I didn’t win and just buy it normally due to addition of the UPC scratch. Lucky Joystiq came to rescue and gave me a download code for echochrome for the PS3 to compensate the fee. They really didn’t need to (as per rules the fees were my responsibility) but it was really nice of them.

Another win – D. Gray-man contest

Right after winning the Evangelion, I won another contest off ANN :D. Guess I was on a lucky streak.

It was for the following…

  • D. Gray-man Season One DVD
  • Messenger bag
  • 4 wristbands (Linalee, Allen, Kanda, & Lavi)
  • 2 cellphone charms (Allen & Camelot)
  • 2 buttons (Lavi & Kanda)
  • Tiki Patch
  • Coffee mug
  • T-Shirt (actually grey not black as in the link)

They scratched out all the UPCs (most likely to prevent reselling or returning to a store). But as a collector that messes up the DVD box :/ Not really a collector of those other trinkets though (cellphone strap, wristbands, etc.)

Anyway, never watched the series before so I guess I’ll find out how good it is.

Whoooo I won

I won my first ever contest. Tickets to the Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.0 movie. Wasn’t really expecting to win. Thing is, I already watched v1.11 (blu-ray) but nice to watch again either way.