2nd Semester – 4th Day

In this class, we started off with the use of そして (SOSHITE) which means “and” to combine same forms (positive/negative) sentences. We then when and used が (GA) which I believe is used as “but” or “although” to combine opposite forms of sentences.

We then used が (GA) again but this time used with an object to ask for an opinion. Like 「さかな が すきですか。」 (SAKANA GA SUKI DESU KA) which ask “Do you like fish?”. This is sort of confusing because we also used は (WA) to indicate a subject as well. According to my book on particles, both が (GA) and は(WA) are used to indicate subject but when to use the correct one is often difficult and confusing.

It also was confusing because we used が (GA) as a conjunction in the same day.

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