2nd Semester – 3rd Day

Falling behind on my posts because I got sick πŸ™ So time for catch up.

In this class, we learned about adjectives that mainly end with the “I” ending.

We used どんγͺ (DONNA) to ask “what kind of object is this?” like if this is a big or little object.

We also used どう (DOU) to ask similarly the same question except in negative form we use くγͺい (KUNAI) form of the adjective. I don’t really understand the use of どう (DOU) in this phrase. Looking in the dictionary I see it mainly means “How” but can also mean “What”. I mainly hear it used as “How is it?” or “What should I do?”. But in this phase it seems it is used as “What is this?” and answered as “It is big.”. I just don’t really understand why use どう (DOU) instead of γͺγ‚“ (NAN) and why どう (DOU) would be asking for the kind/type.

We then learned about degree for like saying something is really big or only a little big. Going from a 100% degree to 0% we used とても (TOTEMO), まあまあ (MAAMAA), すこし (SUKOSHI) / γ‚γΎγ‚Š (AMARI) and γœγ‚“γœγ‚“ (ZENZEN).

Next, we went on to adjectives with the γͺ (NA) ending which doesn’t have the くγͺい (KUNAI) negative forms.

We also briefly talked about some holidays in Japan.

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