2nd Semester – 2nd Day

This class we briefly went back to dates. We learn the use of こんげつ (KONGETSU), らいげつ (RAIGETSU) and せんげつ (SENGENTSU) for this, next and last month. We did the same for weeks as well by changing げつ (GETSU) for month to しゅう (SHUU) for weeks. We then went into the seasons with はる (HARU), なつ (NATSU), あき (AKI) and ふゆ (FUYU) for spring, summer, fall and winter.

We then went into the use of に (NI) to indicate the direction/destination of an action. We mainly used the verbs あげる (AGERU) for give and もらう (MORAU) for receive. But it is also used for like writing a letter and calling someone.

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