2nd Semester – 1st Day

First day of the 2nd semester, we did a quick review of the stuff we did last semester.

For the new stuff, we briefly went into days of the week, the day after tomorrow – あさって (ASATTE) and the day before yesterday – おととい (OTOTOI).

We then went into the use of も (MO) for also the use for the emphasis of nothing like なにも (NANI MO) and どこも (DOKO MO). Afterwords, we went into the use of で (DE) for indicating the tool used for an action. For example, はしで すしを たべます (HASHI DE SUSHI O TABEMASU) means “I eat sushi with chopsticks”. Now making our long sentence from last semester even longer :).

We also talked about まいあさ (MAI-ASA), まいばん (MAI-BAN) and まいにち (MAI-NICHI) for every morning/night/day like for a daily routine. Strangely, there is no every afternoon.

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