Final Day of 1st Semester

In our final lesson, we learned about adjectives. So we started with ones we already know like おおきい (OOKII) and ちいさい (CHIISAI) for big and small. We then went on to various other adjectives and their opposites like たかい (TAKAI) and やすい (YASUI) for expensive and cheap. We then went on get the negative forms where we change the ending of い (I) with くない (KUNAI) so for big it changes from おおきい (OOKII) to おおきくない (OOKIKUNAI) meaning “not big”.

We then went into money and given play money to see the various coins and bills. We learn how to ask “How much?” as いくら ですか。 (IKURA DESU KA?) which would be very useful if we ever go to Japan to shop ^_^. We re-visited counting and went from じゅう (JYUU) for 10, ひゃく (HYAKU) for 10, せん (SEN) for 1000 and まん (MAN) for 10,000. 10,000 though has to be explicitly stated as いち まん (ICHI MAN) even if it is just 10,000.

That closes the 1st semester. Reviewing back through the textbook though is that we skipped certain pages mainly the unique counting and time. Hopefully we were learn that in 2nd semester.

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