7th Day of Class

Forgot to make a post about this last week.

In this class, we focused on travel. In the previous lesson of verbs, we were talking about a person at a place with an object and what the person does with it. Now we use a method of transport like a bus – ばす (BASU) to get to a place using the verb いく (IKU). So the sentence becomes ひとは もので ところへ どうし basically meaning “This person riding this thing goes to this place”.

We also use the verb くる (KURU) for asking someone to come over and かえる (KAERU) for returning home.

The new particle for this lesson was へ (pronounced as え (E)). In this lesson, it is used to indicate the direction of travel (in our case, a place). But a few more researching around shows, it is also used to show destination, direction or goal of the action. Like it can be used for giving, sending, to put and to place.

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