6th Day of Class

Today we mainly learned about time. To start off we reviewed the numbers from 1 to 10. We briefly went on to the higher numbers (where you basically do n * 10 + num) but never went to 100 (ひゃく – HYAKU).

We then went on to hours (じ – JI) then on to month (がつ – GATSU) and day (にち – NICHI).

Next, we went to the periods of a day. あさ (ASA) for morning, ひる (HIRU) for afternoon and ばん (BAN) for night. And just when I thought last lesson’s sentence can’t get any longer, we added the time period into the sentence with きょうの (KYOU NO) and the period.

At the end of the class, we went on to common greetings. For example, おはよ (OHAYO), すみません (SUMIMASEN), いただきます (ITADAKIMASU) and so forth. Interestingly, it seems the class knew most of them. We only briefly went into the politeness for example adding ございます (GOZAIMASU) but I think most of the class knew when to add them.

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