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Another win – D. Gray-man contest

Right after winning the Evangelion, I won another contest off ANN :D. Guess I was on a lucky streak.

It was for the following…

  • D. Gray-man Season One DVD
  • Messenger bag
  • 4 wristbands (Linalee, Allen, Kanda, & Lavi)
  • 2 cellphone charms (Allen & Camelot)
  • 2 buttons (Lavi & Kanda)
  • Tiki Patch
  • Coffee mug
  • T-Shirt (actually grey not black as in the link)

They scratched out all the UPCs (most likely to prevent reselling or returning to a store). But as a collector that messes up the DVD box :/ Not really a collector of those other trinkets though (cellphone strap, wristbands, etc.)

Anyway, never watched the series before so I guess I’ll find out how good it is.